Refugee Support

In the city of Kamianske, just 5 hours drive away from their homes in the Donbass, live over 500 refugees from a war they did not want and do not even really understand. They are just some of the 1.6 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine as a result of the separatist action.

Amongst these vulnerable refugees are children, many of whom have only known life from within their fenced compound, children who have never even seen their “homes”. They live in porta-cabin style structures in an area not much bigger than a football pitch. There is little¬†shelter from the scorching sun, and little for these children to occupy themselves. And whilst these children do attend local schools, they are often ridiculed and bullied.

Here in desperate conditions our partners are working with Ira, a refugee herself, who has taken it upon herself to help the children. She holds twice weekly Bible classes and extra school studies, where even some of the children form the local area have started to attend!

A key to Ira’s message is friendship and relationship.

Whilst we pray and hope that such families can at some point soon return home, until then we are thankful that thanks to your help we can give these children a hope for the future.