Summer camps Ukraine

For many of the children we work with in Ukraine, summer is not a “holiday”.  For most it is a time of isolation and loneliness with the school closed, for others it can be hard work supporting the family, whilst for some parents the summer can be prove challenging too.  And in the eastern provinces of Ukraine, as a result of the ongoing conflict, there is now the real risk of children finding new toys – brightly coloured unexploded ordnances liberally spread across the countryside and the very real risk of wandering into one of the many new and unmarked mine fields. 

Our Summer Camp programmes are designed by our partners to provide memorable holidays and experiences for all.  Respite for parents, fun and teaching to the children.  Whether it be a paddling pool and garden games for the young children who attend Children’s Hearts, or a camping holiday under canvass for the teenagers our summer camps bring laughter and joy to many.