Our mission is to transform the limited circumstances of today’s vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children in Eastern Europe into ones of opportunity and hope.

Our vision is that, in the longer term, local and national authorities will be persuaded to adopt this approach themselves, thereby rendering our further support unnecessary.

ChildAid’s Values

  1. Our faith is at the core of all our work.
  2. We take a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to all in need of our help.
  3. We are proactively involved with all our projects, promoting improvements where we think they are indicated.
  4. We are committed to positive social change in favour of the disadvantaged.
  5. We always work with local project Partners.
  6. We believe that Partners, UK staff and volunteers and our supporters are equally key to the success of our mission.
  7. We remain strictly non-political.
  8. Our dealings with Partners and supporters are always open, honest and transparent.