ChildAid’s partner in Russia, Helping Hands, work alongside children and their families to transform lives from one of destitution to one of reasonable and confident lives. Lives restored. 

The services offered by Helping Hands to alleviate the hardships of the families vulnerability include:

HH School support

* provision of food, firewood and warm clothing 

* travel costs for children to get to school

* supporting families in trying to clear their debts

* encouragement to children to go to school

* providing support to speed up the provision of state benefits to families who are entitled to them

Egor's parents are in prison on drug charges. His younger brother is in an orphanage as his grandma could only care for one child. Egor and his grandma's benefits are £135 a month - if and when it arrives. Life-saving supplies (wood, food, clothing) are provided by Helping Hands as well as encouragement and prayerful support. Egor only started school aged 10 years of age, but with help from you and ChildAid he is making excellent progress