The SABI concept is simple – to help you embed social responsibility into the core of what you do.

Just by doing your normal business activity you can make huge impacts in children’s lives and improve your corporate profile with customers and suppliers. All for a nominal cost.

Many companies and business owners want to support good causes but get frustrated with constant begging letters, and in difficult times it is just not possible to write out large cheques.

Social responsibility does not have to be about big cheques, it is more about forming a habit if giving based on what you always do. The impact of regular, small giving is just as powerful as one off gifting and also creates a connection between the business, your customers and the good cause.

ChildAid's SABI allows you to put aside gifts based on the level of your business activity - as you prosper then so you can help more, during harder times you can still give to the same level of your activity.

By putting aside a very small amount for each transaction within your business, this will build up to make a big impact.

If you wish, and why not, you can share your goodwill practice with your customers and potential customers. Show them that by doing business with you THEY are directly benefitting those less fortunate than themselves, you get great PR and gain a marketing advantage.