ChildAid are delighted to accept donations to support the work of our partners. These donations can bring opportunity to distressed families and life changing benefits to a disabled child.  For instance:

Donation Potential for change

Can buy a pair of school shoes, or put food on a table for a family for a week.

  £20 The cost to provide 5 children with computer lessons to improve their chances of future work

The opportunity to buy a child’s winter coat; an essential life saver when temperatures can routinely drop well below -20°.


Might feed a family of four for a month


Helps a family with fuel costs to keep their homes warm.  Most of the families we support rarely bring home as much as £100 a month.


The approximate annual cost for ChildAid partners to provide life transforming care to each of the vulnerable children they support.


Enables 55 young people with severe learning difficulties to attend a day centre for a week (allowing parents the opportunity to take on full or part time employment to supplement their household income).


Covers the cost to implement and run a 12 month programme of peer led sexual and personal health training for over 200 children (a UN FPA developed project)


Would help ChildAid employ a fully qualified paediatric therapist for 12 months, delivering around 1,000 therapy sessions to those children in need.

HH Winter gifts

Together we can do so much more to improve the lives of vulnerable children