The Trustees and management are at one mind over the donations the charity receives.  The money as far as is possible has to be used to benefit the children. 

We do however need to run a small administrative office in Bromley, south London, where the full time manager and three part time specialists work, and from where our loyal group of volunteers also operate.   From our analysis, 85% of our income is spent directly on charitable activities, across 10 partners, supporting over 2,500 children directly, and where appropriate their families too.

Belarus Supporting the work of Sisters of St Elisabeth
Financing the "Isle of Hope" care centre
Moldova Supporting the operating costs for the Tony Hawks Centre
Co-sponsoring the work undertaken at the Esther House After School centre
Supporting the in-country charity "Help the Children" in Transnistria
Helping the British charity MAD-Aid run the Phoenix Health Centre
Siberia Financially supporting the work of the "Helping Hands" team in the city of Chita 
Ukraine Funding the work of the "Childrens' Hearts" day care and fostering centre
Funding the work of "New Beginnings" who support vulnerable Roma children
Funding the work of "Love Without Borders" in caring for children in the Donbass region
And in the development of a new healthcare and camp site near Makariv

 In addition, we provide community support such as facilitating the delivering of hospital and medical equipment to Ukraine and Moldova.