Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors can help us raise awareness about our work and how we are helping change children’s lives in Eastern Europe. Speak with peers and friends about our work and help us grow our online presence.

Meet Vadim, he is wonderful young man, and we are really proud to have him on board.

He is helping us online by sharing our posts on social media and talking about us in his blog.

A few words from Vadim :

Being abandoned as a baby and growing up an orphan in Ukraine, I know the effects which ChildAid’s work has personally. After being adopted by my parents in 2015, I have started supporting charities through social media, and this is how I first came to know ChildAid. When I learned more about the charity, I decided to support ChildAid as their values and beliefs are identical to my own. Especially the support towards abandoned babies in Kamianske, Ukraine and struggling children and their families in Siberia touched me. In my personal life, I have dedicated myself towards improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children. I work at a local daycare centre and am a mentor to 5 children. My spare time is mostly filled with boxing, writing a blog, and translating music. By ancestry, I’m of a mixed Ukrainian, Crimean, Russian, and Polish origin.’

He recently wrote a guest blog for us, he is such a talented young man, and he is making a difference already, you can read his blog here.

With your support we can change the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in Eastern Europe.